Conference Program

Podium (Oral) Presentations

Monday, 27 August, 10:30-12:00, Rotunda
MA2O Muscle and injury physiology

Chairs: David Rempel & Leonard O'Sullivan

Effect of fatigue on muscle elasticity in the human forearm using ultrasound strain imaging
Authors: Witte R, Kim K, Martin B, O'Donnell M
Presenter: Martin B

Changes in upper limb MRI and mechanical properties following short term power hand tool use
Authors: Radwin R, Chourasia A, Sesto M
Presenter: Chourasia A

Development of muscle fatigue in the trapezius muscle during prolonged light manual assembly work
Authors: Bosch T, de Looze M, Kingma I, Visser B
Presenter: Bosch T

Acuity of goal-directed reaching movements to visible targets in chronic neck disorders
Authors: Sandlund J, RŲijezon U, BjŲrklund M, DjupsjŲbacka M
Presenter: Sandlund J

Position sense acuity and tracking performance in subjects with and without neck and upper extremity symptoms
Authors: Huysmans M, Hoozemans M, van der Beek A, de Looze M, van DieŽn J
Presenter: Huysmans M

Surface electromyographic evidence of differences in muscle activation and morphology associated with repetitive strain injuries of the wrist extensors
Authors: Calder K, Stashuk D, McLean L
Presenter: Calder K

Monday, 27 August, 10:30-12:00, Bray Room
MA3O Exposure: human-computer interfaces

Chairs: Tom Albin & Grace Szeto

Finding the inactivity threshold to accurately estimate computer use time with software BEST STUDENT ABSTRACT WINNER!
Authors: Chang C, Johnson P, Dennerlein J
Presenter: Chang C

Repetitive characteristics of real-life cursor movements
Authors: Slijper H, Richter J, Over E, Frens M
Presenter: Slijper H

Analysis of computer use exposure data from 63 organisations
Authors: Taylor K
Presenter: Taylor K

Changes in mechanical exposures among office workers
Authors: Van Eerd D, Chen C, Cole D, Hogg-Johnson S, Wells R, Moore A, Mazumder A
Presenter: Van Eerd D

Ergonomic aspects of personal digital assistant (PDA) and laptop use
Authors: Sengupta A, Kothari P, Grabiner S, Martinez G
Presenter: Sengupta A

Physical exposure during mobile phone use - young adults with and without musculoskeletal symptoms
Authors: Gustafsson E, Johnson P, Hagberg M
Presenter: Gustafsson E

Monday, 27 August, 10:30-12:00, HIM Lecture Room
MA4O After the injury: return-to-work and other outcomes

Chairs: Laura Welch & Vincent Gouttebarge

Measuring return to work
Authors: Young A, Wasiak R
Presenter: Young A

Social and economic impact of musculoskeletal disorders among construction roofers
Authors: Welch L, Haile E, Hunting K, Boden L
Presenter: Welch L

Pain: one word with many meanings for workers during work rehabilitation
Authors: Coutu M-F, Baril R, Durand M-J, CŰtť D, Rouleau A, Cadieux G
Presenter: Coutu M-F

Coping with musculoskeletal pain at work
Authors: Oztug O, Buckle P, Cowie H
Presenter: Oztug O

Sickness absence and concurrent low back and neck-shoulder pain. Results from the Music-Norrtšlje study
Authors: Nyman T, Grooten W, Wiktorin C, Liwing J, Norrman L
Presenter: Nyman T

Investigating stage of change for musculoskeletal injury prevention in British Columbia road construction workers
Authors: Village J, Hossain S, Ostry A
Presenter: Village J

Monday, 27 August, 13:00-14:30, HIM Lecture Room
MB1O MSDs in children and adolescents

Chairs: Monique Frings-Dresen & Carol Murphy

Posture during tablet computer use by young children
Authors: Straker L, Coleman J, Skoss R, Maslen B, Burgess-Limerick R, Pollock C
Presenter: Straker L

Next generation workers: identifying and preventing self-reported musculoskeletal discomfort with notebook computer use
Authors: Jacobs K, Runge K
Presenter: Jacobs K

An intervention aiming to improve working technique reduce exertion and pain among young computer users with neck and upper extremity symptoms — a randomized controlled study
Authors: LindegŚrd Andersson A, Gustafsson E, Ekman E, WahlstrŲm J
Presenter: LindegŚrd Andersson A

Playing related musculoskeletal problems in children learning instrumental music
Authors: Ranelli S, Straker L, Smith A
Presenter: Straker L

Physical workload in relation to pain in the low back neck and shoulders in adolescents
Authors: Mikkonen P, Pienimški T, Remes J, Viikari-Juntura E, Taimela S, Zitting P, Leino-Arjas P, Karppinen J
Presenter: Pienimaki T

Self-reported mechanical exposure and neck shoulder and upper back pain in a prospective cohort of technical school students
Authors: Hanvold TN, Hśg LB, Wśrsted M, Veiersted KB
Presenter: Hanvold T

Monday, 27 August, 13:00-14:30, Bray Room
MB2O Innovative approaches to surveillance

Chairs: Hester Lipscomb & SangWoo Tak

An observatory of work-related diseases in the Pays de la Loire region
Authors: Ha C, Touranchet A, Pubert M, Roquelaure Y, Goldberg M, Imbernon E
Presenter: Ha C

Recall of prior musculoskeletal pain
Authors: Miranda H, Gold J, Gore R, Punnett L
Presenter: Miranda H

Surveillance of overexertion injuries due to work in the fields of Vietnam - the effect of exposure time on incidence rate calculations BEST STUDENT ABSTRACT WINNER!
Authors: Marucci H, Kriebel D, Leamon T, Binh T, Diep N, Wegman D
Presenter: Marucci Wellman H

Extended work hours and musculoskeletal disorders among health care workers: an analysis of medical insurance claim data
Authors: Landsbergis P, Gurnitz K, Dropkin J
Presenter: Dropkin J

Who is at risk of MSD? A gender-based analysis of Quebec compensation cases in 2000-2002
Authors: Stock S, Duguay P, Traore I, Messing K, Lippel K, Turcot A, Asselin P, Prťvost J, Pelletier R
Presenter: Stock S

Race/ethnicity- and gender-based disparities in injury rates among U.S. hotel workers
Authors: Halpin J, Buchanan S, Orris P, Frumin E, Moriarty J, Vossenas P, Krause N, Punnett L
Presenter: Frumin E

Monday, 27 August, 13:00-14:30, Rotunda
MB3O Biomechanical effects of interventions

Chairs: Mary Sesto & Karen Søgaard

Does sitting on an exercise ball rather than an office chair reduce static loading of the back and shoulder?
Authors: Kingma I, van DieŽn J
Presenter: Kingma I

The effects of job rotational on trunk muscle activation
Authors: Kanne C, Cort J, Potvin J
Presenter: Cort J

Assessment of distal arm loading while wearing insulated rubber gloves
Authors: Wells R, Maracle S, Hurley K, Rosati P
Presenter: Wells R

Comparison of performance and exertion using mouse and pen for an aiming task
Authors: Lšubli T, KŁnzi L
Presenter: Lšubli T

Improved performance with a computer mouse with a continuous resistance
Authors: Visser B, Caljouw S, Huysmans M, van DieŽn J
Presenter: Visser B

Effect of keyboard keyswitch design on finger muscle activity during tapping on isolated keyswitches
Authors: Lee D, Kuo P, Jindrich D, Dennerlein J
Presenter: Lee D

Monday, 27 August, 16:00-17:30, Amphitheater
MC3O Exposure: living with variability

Chairs: Richard Wells & Stefan IJmker

A two-stage bootstrap procedure for examining the ability of exposure samples to determine whether a group mean exposure exceeds a threshold
Authors: Mathiassen SE, Sundberg J, Liv P, Svendsen SW
Presenter: Mathiassen SE

Expected and empirical efficiency of different measurement allocation strategies for estimating upper arm elevation among car mechanics
Authors: Liv P, Mathiassen SE, Sundberg J, Svendsen SW
Presenter: Liv P

Effects of variation in exposure to physical load on effectiveness of ergonomic interventions in the construction industry: a sensitivity analysis
Authors: Burdorf A
Presenter: Burdorf A

Ability of limited exposure sampling to describe exposure effects of ergonomics interventions
Authors: Paquet V, Mathiassen SE
Presenter: Paquet V

Sources of variance in risk factors for knee injury in construction
Authors: Tak S, Punnett L, Paquet V, Buchholz B, Woskie S
Presenter: Tak S

Work-related sources of bias in self-reported task durations
Authors: Barrero L, Dennerlein J
Presenter: Barrero L

Tuesday, 28 August, 10:30-12:00, Bray Room
TA2O CTS and other upper extremity disorders

Chairs: Francesco Violante & Montakarn Chaikumarn

Risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome in a population of newly hired workers: a cross-sectional analysis
Authors: Armstrong T, Dale AM, Franzblau A, Evanoff B
Presenter: Evanoff B

Occupational and personal factors for carpal tunnel syndrome: a longitudinal study of a large working population
Authors: Violante F, Armstrong T, Fiorentini C, Graziosi F, Risi A, Venturi S, Curti S, Bonfiglioli R, Mattioli S
Presenter: Bonfiglioli R

Attributable risk of carpal tunnel syndrome according to industry and occupation in a general population
Authors: Roquelaure Y, Ha C, Pelier-Cady M, Descatha A, Mariot C, Leclerc A, Goldberg M, Imbernon E
Presenter: Roquelaure Y

Work postures and neck-shoulder pain among orchestra musicians
Authors: Nyman T, Wiktorin C, Mulder M, Liljeholm-Johansson Y
Presenter: Nyman T

Predictors of upper extremity symptoms and functional impairment among workers employed for 6 months in a new job BEST STUDENT ABSTRACT WINNER!
Authors: Taylor B, Dale AM, Franzblau A, Evanoff B
Presenter: Taylor B

Differential effects of self-reported duration of computer use at work on work-related musculoskeletal symptoms. Results from the promo study
Authors: IJmker S, Blatter B, van der Beek A, Knol D, van Mechelen W, Bongers P
Presenter: IJmker S

Tuesday, 28 August, 10:30-12:00, HIM Lecture Room
TA4O Biomechanics: applied and experimental studies

Chairs: Lauren Griffith & Paul Kuijer

Human lumbar fascia is able to actively contract and thereby influence low back stability
Authors: Schleip R, Klingler W, Lehmann-Horn F
Presenter: Schleip R

Gender effect on muscular strain balance between low back and shoulder during pulling and pushing tasks
Authors: Meyer J-P, Turpin-Legendre E, Horwat F, Didry G, Guťlin J-C
Presenter: Meyer J-P

A biomechanical analysis of push and pull induced spine loads
Authors: Marras W, Knapik G, Gabriel J
Presenter: Marras W

Occurrence of motion induced interruptions while performing common manual materials handling tasks
Authors: Duncan C, MacKinnon S, Albert W, Antle D
Presenter: Duncan C

Effect of foot-movement strategies on torso kinematics during simulated load manipulation trials
Authors: MacKinnon S, Antle D
Presenter: MacKinnon S

A new method to estimate myoelectric manifestation of muscle fatigue
Authors: Mesin L, Cescon C, Gazzoni M, Merletti R, Rainoldi A
Presenter: Merletti R

Tuesday, 28 August, 13:00-14:30, Bray Room
TB1O Exposure assessment: methods and tools

Chairs: Marjolein Douwes & Victor Paquet

Agreement between subjective ratings and direct measures of ergonomic exposure
Authors: Buchholz B, Punnett L, Park J-S, Gold J
Presenter: Buchholz B

Can peak compression forces at the low back be assessed in practice?
Authors: Kuijer P, Faber G, Van der Molen H, Loos R, Van DieŽn J, Frings-Dresen M
Presenter: Kuijer P

Validity of self-reported physical work activities and predictors of over-and under-reporting 
Authors: Dale AM, Johnson A, Strickland J, Taylor B, Symanzik J, Evanoff B
Presenter: Dale AM

Accuracy and reliability of human postural simulation for assessing physical risk factors associated with low back disorders
Authors: Lu M-L, Waters T, Piacitelli L, Werren D
Presenter: Lu M-L

Consequences of different methods used for the strain index parameters
Authors: Bao S, Howard N, Spielholz P, Silverstein B
Presenter: Bao S

Handpak ergonomics software: quantifying maximal acceptable loads for hand intensive tasks
Authors: Potvin J
Presenter: Potvin J

Tuesday, 28 August, 13:00-14:30, HIM Lecture Room
TB3O MSD epidemiology: exposure-response patterns and interventions

Chairs: Dongmug Kang & Heleen Hamberg-van Reenen

Prevalence of clinical findings and contemporary radiological features of knee osteoarthritis among floor layers and graphic designers
Authors: Rytter S, Kirkeskov Jensen L, Bonde JP, Egund N
Presenter: Rytter S

Follow up of the evolution of seasonal workers’ pain and musculoskeletal symptoms in the snow crab processing industry
Authors: Major M-E, Vezina N
Presenter: Major M-E

Computer mouse use predicts acute pain but not prolonged or chronic pain in the neck and shoulder
Authors: Andersen J
Presenter: Andersen J

Dose-response relationships between upper limb musculoskeletal symptoms and risk factors – a prospective cohort study
Authors: Kim Y, Kang D
Presenter: Kim Y

Randomized controlled trial on early part-time sick-leave in musculoskeletal disorders - design and feasibility
Authors: Martimo K-P, Kaila-Kangas L, Takala E-P, Ketola R, Luukkonen R, Riihimški H, Karppinen J, Shiri R, Viikari-Juntura E
Presenter: Martimo K-P

A randomized controlled workplace intervention trial to relieve and prevent neck/shoulder disorders: significance of compliance and muscle strength
Authors: Andersen LL, JÝrgensen MB, Blangsted A-K, Petersen MT, Hansen EA, SjÝgaard G
Presenter: Andersen L

Tuesday, 28 August, 13:00-14:30, Rotunda
TB4O Intervention research: state-of-art methods

Chairs: Minori Nakata & Jon Boyer

An office ergonomics training and workplace design intervention: longitudinal effects on work related musculoskeletal discomforts
Authors: Robertson M, Huang E
Presenter: Robertson M

Intensity of interventions for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
Authors: Wells R, Laing A, Cole D
Presenter: Wells R

A staged approach to reducing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace: a long term follow-up
Authors: Haslam C, Shaw K, Whysall Z, Haslam R
Presenter: Haslam C

Examining management commitment to participatory ergonomic interventions: a multiple case study analysis
Authors: Theberge N, Dixon S, Cole D
Presenter: Wells R

Process and implementation of participatory ergonomics: reviewing the literature
Authors: Van Eerd D, Cole D, Village J, Theberge N, St Vincent M, Irvin E, Clarke J, Keown K, Mahood Q, Widdrington H
Presenter: Van Eerd D

Systematic review of interventions to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in the health care sector
Authors: Amick B, Tullar J, Brewer S, Pompeii L, Irvin E, VanEerd D, Chang A, Evanoff B, Gimeno D
Presenter: Amick B

Tuesday, 28 August, 16:00-17:30, Amphitheater
TC1O Intervention research: techniques and tools

Chairs: Arne Aarås & David Antle

What constitutes effective manual handling training? A systematic review of the literature
Authors: Clemes S, Haslam C, Haslam R
Presenter: Clemes S

Performance difference during s fatiguing task when wearing a lift assistive device
Authors: Stevenson J, Agnew M, Godwin C, Lotz C, Twiddy A, Abdoli M
Presenter: Stevenson J

Effectiveness of the 'RSI quickscan': a preventive program on neck and upper limb symptoms for office workers
Authors: Blatter B, Speklť E, Heinrich J, Hoozemans M, van der Beek A, Bongers P, van DieŽn J
Presenter: Blatter B

The effectiveness of a vibrating mouse on the reduction of computer-related risk factors
Authors: Meijer E, Sluiter J, Frings-Dresen M
Presenter: Meijer E

The effectiveness of working rests in different hand grips with implications for job rotation
Authors: McFall K, Wells R
Presenter: Wells R

The adaptation of VIDAR to French users, more than just a translation
Authors: Aublet-Cuvelier A, Aptel M, Guerrier A, Morel O, Forsman M
Presenter: Aublet-Cuvelier A

Tuesday, 28 August, 16:00-17:30, Rotunda
TC2O Epidemiology of back disorders

Chairs: Judith Sluiter & Jun Myong

Mechanical exposure information available in studies assessing the relationship between workplace factors and low back pain
Authors: Griffith LE, Wells RP, Shannon HS, Walter SD, Cole DC, Hogg-Johnson S
Presenter: Griffith L

Biomechanical risk factors for low back pain in North Carolina crab pot and gill net commercial fishermen
Authors: Kucera KK, Loomis D, Lipscomb HJ, Marshall SW, Daniels J, Mirka GA
Presenter: Kucera K

Physical workload and lumbar spine disease – a multi-center case-control study in Germany (epilift)
Authors: Seidler A, Schumann B, Jšger M, Linhardt O, Michaelis M, Ellegast R, Elsner G, Bolm-Audorff U
Presenter: Seidler A

Prevalence and risk factors for low-back pain and other musculoskeletal symptoms in three occupational groups in Crete Greece
Authors: Solidaki E, Chatzi L, Markatzi I, Bitsios P, Coggon D, Palmer K, Kogevinas M
Presenter: Solidaki E

Relationships between low back pain and different types of standing and sitting postures in the 1998 Quebec health and social survey
Authors: Tissot F, Messing K, Stock S
Presenter: Messing K

Low back pain in the general population in France associations with occupational exposure socio-economic position in adulthood and level of education
Authors: Leclerc A, Gourmelen J, Chastang J-F, Lanoe J-L
Presenter: Leclerc A

Tuesday, 28 August, 16:00-17:30, HIM Lecture Room
TC3O Exposure assessment studies from three continents

Chairs: Svend Erik Mathiassen & Lope Barrero

Quantifying load moment exposure in distribution center work
Authors: Lavender S, Marras W, Ferguson S, Splittstoesser R, Yang G, Schabo P
Presenter: Lavender S

Longitudinal exposure assessments of low back posture in five heavy industries in British Columbia
Authors: Johnson P, Ploger J, Trask C, Village J, Chow Y, Koehoorn M, Teschke K
Presenter: Johnson P

Modeling determinants of low back EMG exposure in construction forestry transportation warehousing and wood product industries BEST STUDENT ABSTRACT WINNER!
Authors: Trask C, Koehoorn M, Chow Y, Village J, Johnson P, Teschke K
Presenter: Trask C

Musculoskeletal risk factors in abattoir laborers. The case of Celaya, Mexico
Authors: Hernandez-Arellano JL, Serratos-Perez JN, Garcia-Alcaraz JL, Negrete-Garcia MC
Presenter: Hernandez JL

Analysis and measurement of forces and torques associated with manual valve handling in a process industry
Authors: Quintana L, Lizarazo C, Boyaca J, Sanchez E, Saavedra L, Restrepo C, Nilsson B, Schulze L
Presenter: Quintana L

Physical workload on wrist and forearm in various types of work
Authors: Hansson G, Balogh I, Ohlsson K, Granqvist L, Nordander C, Arvidsson I, Ňkesson I, Unge J, Rittner R, Skerfving S, Strömberg U
Presenter: Hansson G

Wednesday, 29 August, 10:30-12:00, HIM Lecture Room
WA1O Post-injury interventions at the workplace

Chairs: Eva Schonstein & Mirjana Canjuga

The impact of early workplace-based return-to-work strategies on work absence duration: a 6-month longitudinal study following an occupational musculoskeletal injury
Authors: Franche R-L, Severin CN, Hogg-Johnson S, CŰtť P, Vidmar M, Lee H
Presenter: Severin C

The influence of a continuum of care model on the rehabilitation of claimants with soft tissue injury
Authors: Stephens B
Presenter: Stephens B

Multidisciplinary outpatient care for low back pain: a randomized controlled trial and cost-effectiveness evaluation
Authors: Lambeek L, Anema J, Royen B, Buijs P, Wuisman P, Mechelen Wv
Presenter: Lambeek L

Concept of leeway in work rehabilitation
Authors: Durand M-J, Loisel P, Vťzina N, Baril R, Ngomo S, Richard M-C
Presenter: Durand M-J

A nation-wide project for early rehabilitation of low back pain workers: an implementation study
Authors: Mairiaux P, Creytens G, Delaruelle D, Poot O, Strauss P
Presenter: Mairiaux P

Job coach model and workplace-based rehabilitation: biopsychosocial intervention for work-related musculoskeletal disorders of upper extremity
Authors: Cheng AS-k, Hung L-k
Presenter: Cheng A

Wednesday, 29 August, 10:30-12:00, Rotunda
WA3O Work organization and musculoskeletal disorders

Chairs: Nick Warren & Maria Brunette

Work organization factors and upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders in the manufacturing and health care services industries
Authors: Howard N, Fan J, Silverstein B
Presenter: Howard N

Job characteristics and work organization factors associated with musculoskeletal injury among nursing personnel
Authors: Schoenfisch A, James T, Fricklas E, Yeung Y-L, Pentico M, Lipscomb H
Presenter: Schoenfisch A

Predictors of lost workdays among hospital nurses and nurses’ aides who sought treatment for work-related back pain
Authors: Pompeii L, Lipscomb H, Dement J
Presenter: Pompeii L

Low back pain and disability in a population of nurses and nursing aides performing handling of patients
Authors: Carta A, Parmigiani F, Campagna M, Arici C, Caci M, Rossato R, Porru S
Presenter: Carta A

How well do organizational strategies and employee self-management strategies help reduce musculoskeletal symptoms at work?
Authors: Munir F, Haslam C, Yarker J, Long H
Presenter: Munir F

Reliability and validity of questionnaire for assessing labor intensification
Authors: Kang D, Kim I, Kim J, Kim E, Koh S, Punnett L
Presenter: Kang D

Wednesday, 29 August, 13:00-14:30, Rotunda
WB1O Exposures and interventions in healthcare

Chairs: Jamie Tessler & Yu-Ju Hung

Musculoskeletal complaints among nurses related to patient handling tasks and psychosocial factors - based on logbook registrations
Authors: Warming S, Precht Hansen D, Suadicani P, Ebbehoej NE
Presenter: Warming S

Low back injury risk during repositioning of patients in bed: the influence of task patient weight and disability type
Authors: Fallentin N, Skotte J
Presenter: Fallentin N

Changes in manual handling across job titles before and after the introduction of a no-lift program in nursing homes BEST STUDENT ABSTRACT - HONORABLE MENTION
Authors: Kurowski A, Boyer J, Fulmer S, Punnett L
Presenter: Kurowski A

Development of an ergonomic job exposure matrix (JEM) for the healthcare sector
Authors: Boyer J, Tessler J, Cifuentes M, Punnett L
Presenter: Boyer J

Low back loading in nursing: patterns and cumulative loads
Authors: Hodder J, Holmes M, Keir P
Presenter: Hodder J

Risk assessment of bariatric patient transfers from bed to wheelchair
Authors: Vieira E
Presenter: Vieira E

Wednesday, 29 August, 13:00-14:30, Bray Room
WB2O Risk factors for disability outcomes

Chairs: Philippe Mairiaux & Neusa M.C. Alexandre

Relationship between early opioid prescribing for acute occupational low back pain and disability duration medical costs subsequent surgery and late opioid use
Authors: Webster B, Verma S, Gatchel R
Presenter: Webster B

Trunk velocity predicts recurrent low back disorders
Authors: Ferguson S, Marras W, Burr D
Presenter: Ferguson S

Does musculoskeletal discomfort at work predict future musculoskeletal symptoms? BEST STUDENT ABSTRACT - HONORABLE MENTION
Authors: Hamberg-van Reenen H, van der Beek A, Blatter B, van der Grinten M, van Mechelen W, Bongers P
Presenter: Hamberg-van Reenen H

Risk factors for pain related and general absence taking in industry and service sector work
Authors: Frost P, Haahr JP, Andersen JH
Presenter: Frost P

Individual and area level factors associated with work limitation in adults aged 50 to 75 with knee pain
Authors: Wilkie R, Jordan K, Blagojevic M, Croft P
Presenter: Wilkie R

An exploratory subgroup analysis in a randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of workplace interventions in low back pain patients on sick leave
Authors: Steenstra I, Hogg-Johnson S, Anema J, Knol D, de Vet H, Bongers P, van Mechelen W
Presenter: Steenstra I

Wednesday, 29 August, 16:00-17:30, Rotunda
WC1O Why are we discussing mental health at PREMUS?

Chairs: Laura Punnett & Charlotte Norgren

International co-morbidity of low back pain and major depressive episode
Authors: Cifuentes M, Sembajwe G, Tak S, Punnett L, Kriebel D, Gore R
Presenter: Cifuentes M

Direct and indirect effects of job insecurity through psychosocial and physical factors on musculoskeletal pain
Authors: Eum K-D, Lee M-S, Lee Y-K, Han I-i, Yoon G, Paek D, Choi B, Cho S-i
Presenter: Eum K-D

Incidence of self-reported reduced productivity due to musculoskeletal symptoms is predicted by symptoms of depression stress and sleep disturbances
Authors: Hagberg M, Wigaeus Tornqvist E, Toomingas A
Presenter: Hagberg M

The influence of work stressors and educational attainment on trajectories of activity limitation and depression: a longitudinal analysis of Canadian workers
Authors: Ibrahim S, Breslin C, Hogg-Johnson S
Presenter: Ibrahim S

The relationship between job engagement and work-related musculoskeletal complaints – a longitudinal study
Authors: Joling C, Blatter B, Ybema JF, Bongers P
Presenter: Joling C

Development of a workplace intervention for employees sick-listed with stress-related mental disorders: intervention mapping as a useful tool
Authors: van Oostrom S, Anema J, Terluin B, Venema A, de Vet H, van Mechelen W
Presenter: van Oostrom S

Thursday, 30 August, 10:30-12:00, HIM Lecture Room
RA3O Construction and heavy vehicle operation

Chairs: Bernd Hartmann and John Rosecrance

Musculoskeletal symptoms and risk factors in operators of heavy mobile equipment
Authors: Adams K, Punnett L, Kittusamy K
Presenter: Punnett L

Musculoskeletal disorders in trucking: results of Washington state surveys of truck drivers and trucking companies
Authors: Spielholz P, Cullen J, Edwards S, Howard N, Smith C, Silverstein B
Presenter: Spielholz P

Combined whole-body vibration exposure and postural movement assessment of locomotive operators
Authors: Johanning E, Landsbergis P
Presenter: Johanning E

Whole body vibration and low back pain: a longitudinal study BEST STUDENT ABSTRACT - HONORABLE MENTION
Authors: Tiemessen I, Hulshof C, Frings-Dresen M
Presenter: Tiemessen I

The relation between physical workload environmental factors and musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremities in construction industry: a longitudinal study
Authors: Hoonakker P, van der Molen H, van Duivenbooden C
Presenter: Hoonakker P

Effectiveness of ergonomic measures on the incidence of low back complaints among construction workers
Authors: Van der Molen H, Sluiter J, Frings-Dresen M
Presenter: Van der Molen H