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Posters will be on display for the duration of the conference; however, presenters will be standing next to their posters only at the assigned times. The code after each abstract title is the Poster Locator Number, which corresponds with the floor, day, and location of each poster. A map showing exact poster locations will be provided at check-in.



Monday, 27 August, 14:45-16:00
MP1P Poster I

Biomechanics, Floor 1

Effect of motion induced interruptions upon the performance of lifting tasks in motion-rich environments (1-M01)
Authors: MacKinnon S, Albert W, Matthews J, Holmes M
Presenter: Albert W

Development of new equipments to measure isometric wrist and forearm strength (1-M02)
Authors: Bertoncello D, Arruda A, Freitas F, Léo J, Rosa R, Shimano A
Presenter: Bertoncello D

Comparison of current and novel techniques for trunk motion in gait analysis (1-M03)
Authors: De Deo D, Leardini A, De Vito G, Belvedere C, Meroni R, Benedetti MG
Presenter: De Vito G

Repetitive wrist muscle contraction parameters affecting low frequency muscle fatigue (1-M04)
Authors: Lehman S, Dao K, Dennerlein J
Presenter: Dennerlein J

Effects of ship motion on trunk kinematics during various manual material handling tasks (1-M05)
Authors: Duncan C, MacKinnon S, Albert W, Antle D
Presenter: Duncan C

Biomechanical solution for low back ache associated with sitting jobs (1-M06)
Authors: George A, Sankaran B, Ranade A, Das L
Presenter: George A

New parameter identified as important contributor to shoulder strength (1-M07)
Authors: Gielo-Perczak K, Matz S
Presenter: Gielo-Perczak K

Functional data analysis demonstrates variance in cumulative joint load over time (1-M08)
Authors: Godwin A, Stevenson J, Takahara G, Agnew M
Presenter: Stevenson J

The use of high resolution ultrasonography to explore median nerve biomechanics during functional hand activity (1-M09)
Authors: Langley A, Haslegrave C, McNally D
Presenter: Haslegrave C

Grip force is affected in subjects with upper extremity symptoms (1-M10)
Authors: Huysmans M, Hoozemans M, Visser B, van Dieën J
Presenter: Huysmans M

Accuracy and feasibility of using an electrogoniometer for measuring simple thumb movements (1-M11)
Authors: Jonsson P, Johnson P, Hagberg M
Presenter: Jonsson P

Effect of whole body posture and hammer length on discomfort score (1-M14)
Authors: Shakeb M, Khan A, Muzammil M, Hasan F
Presenter: Khan A

The spatial mechanomyographic activation of paraspinal muscles is heterogeneous during sustained contractions (1-M13)
Authors: Madeleine P, Tuker K, Farina D
Presenter: Madeleine P

Effects of vibration and feed force on operators performing horizontal drilling task (1-M14)
Authors: Muzammil M, Hasan F, Khan A, Ahmad S
Presenter: Muzammil M

Effects of work surface heights on shoulder muscle activity and neck posture during simulated pipette work (1-M15)
Authors: Park J, Buchholz B, Punnett L, Woskie S, Vaidya N, Gore R
Presenter: Park J

Accuracy properties of flexible goniometer (1-M16)
Authors: Sato T, Coury H, Hansson G-A
Presenter: Sato T

A study of resting muscle activities in neck-shoulder postural muscles recorded before commencing computer tasks (1-M17)
Authors: Szeto GP, Straker LM, O'Sullivan PB
Presenter: Szeto GP

A simplified procedure to provoke maximal voluntary contraction (activity) in the upper trapezius muscle (1-M18)
Authors: Veiersted KB, Wærsted M, Hanvold T, Hæg L-B, Hansson G-Å
Presenter: Veiersted KB

Interventions, Floor 2

Ergonomic evaluation of an alternative tool for cake decorating (2-M01)
Authors: Harris C, Chen B, Janowitz I, Rempel D
Presenter: Harris C

The effects of varying workstation design on changes in posture and spinal loading (2-M02)
Authors: Boocock M, Wilkins F, Couillandre A, Portero P
Presenter: Portero P

Changes in EMG activity of upper trapezius and erector spinae muscles following variations in workstation design (2-M03)
Authors: Portero P, Boocock M, Couillandre A, Zana J-P
Presenter: Portero P

Field evaluation of ergonomically designed aviation snips (2-M04)
Authors: Dartt A, Rosecrance J
Presenter: Rosecrance J

The effect of an ergonomic desk attachment board on muscle activity and computer work-related discomfort (2-M05)
Authors: Upjohn T, Dumas G, Charpentier K, Leger A, Salazar E, Delisle A, Plamondon A
Presenter: Upjohn T

Is block weight reduction an effective strategy to reduce work demands and workload among block masons? (2-M06)
Authors: Van der Molen H, Kuijer P, Hopmans P, Houweling A, Faber G, Hoozemans M, Frings-Dresen M
Presenter: Van der Molen H

Ergonomic information platform at musculo-skeletal loads in the construction industry (2-M07)
Authors: Hartmann B, Gütschow S, Dill F, Hanse J, Mueller-Berninger R
Presenter: Hartmann B

Design of an ergonomic knife for use in the vegetable packing industry (2-M09)
Authors: Serratos-Perez JN, Ordorica-Ortega MA, Negrete-Garcia MC
Presenter: Serratos-Perez JN

MSD Epidemiology, Floor 2

Influences of physical loads on the musculoskeletal system of construction workers (2-M08)
Authors: Hartmann B, Seidel D
Presenter: Hartmann B

Musculoskeletal complaints among professional computer users in Tabasco, Mexico (2-M10)
Authors: Serratos-Perez JN, Perez-Geronimo J, Negrete-Garcia MC
Presenter: Serratos-Perez JN

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders among Thai accountants (2-M11)
Authors: Chaikumarn M, Nakphet N
Presenter: Chaikumarn M

Median and ulnar nerve conduction studies at the wrist: comparison of automated and traditional methods (2-M12)
Authors: Armstrong T, Dale AM, Al-Lozi M, Franzblau A, Evanoff B
Presenter: Evanoff B

Whiplash associated disorders in bus drivers (2-M13)
Authors: Farrand D
Presenter: Farrand D

Factors associated with falls in apprentice carpenters (2-M14) BEST STUDENT ABSTRACT WINNER!
Authors: Kaskutas V, Dale AM, Lipscomb H, Gaal J, Fuchs M, Evanoff B
Presenter: Kaskutas V

Low back pain recurrence in occupational environments (2-M15)
Authors: Marras W, Ferguson S, Burr D, Schabo P
Presenter: Marras W

Musculo-skeletal symptomatic features of municipal sanitation workers in Korea (2-M16)
Authors: Myong JP, Koo J-W, Jung HS, Jeong EH
Presenter: Myong J

The association of postural abnormalities with intensity of the work-related upper extremity musculoskeletal symptoms and functional status in computer users (2-M17)
Authors: Ozcan E, Esmaeilzadeh S, Uysal B, Issever H
Presenter: Ozcan E

Musculoskeletal alterations and complaints in tannery workers (2-M18)
Authors: Sotelo-Barroso F, Caudillo-Cisneros C, Marquez-Gamino S
Presenter: Sotelo-Barroso F

Can the RSI quickscan validly predict the development of upper extremity symptoms? (2-M19)
Authors: Speklé E, Hoozemans M, Kraaijeveld R, van der Beek A, Blatter B, Bongers P, van Dieën J
Presenter: Speklé E

Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in workers from an oven-making factory (2-M20)
Authors: Viragh E-I, Laczka I, Viragh H
Presenter: Viragh E-I

Neuromuscular Physiology, Floor 3

Can visual discomfort influence on muscle pain and muscle load for visual display unit (VDU) workers? (3-M01)
Authors: Aarås A, Horgen G, Helland M
Presenter: Aarås A

Trapezius fatigue and exposure to vibration (3-M02)
Authors: Åström C, Sundelin G, Lindqvist M, Burström L, Karlsson S
Presenter: Åström C

Whole-body adaptations to repetitive motion-induced arm fatigue (3-M03)
Authors: Cote J, Fuller J, Lomond K
Presenter: Fuller J

Discomfort associated with the immobile standing position related to oxygen index and skin temperature (3-M04)
Authors: Couture V, Comtois A, Messing K
Presenter: Couture V

Is relaxation ability and perceived muscular tension related to trapezius muscle activity in breaks during a whole working day? (3-M05)
Authors: Hæg LB, Hanvold TN, Wærsted M, Veiersted KB
Presenter: Hæg LB

Analysis of the relationship between discomfort productivity and muscle fatigue (3-M06)
Authors: Finneran A, O'Sullivan L, De Looze M
Presenter: O'Sullivan L

Benefits of using an anti-fatigue mat to reduce body discomfort and leg volume in prolonged standing (3-M07)
Authors: Padula R, Luchi C, Oliveira AB
Presenter: Padula R

Examination of muscle fatigue during a simulated workday of drywall installation (3-M08)
Authors: Yuan L, Buchholz B
Presenter: Buchholz B

Exposure Assessment, Floor 3

Ergonomic workplace evaluation in the mechanical metalworking industry (3-M09)
Authors: Avila-Chaurand R, Prado Leon LR, Aceves Gonzalez C
Presenter: Avila-Chaurand R

Assessment of the risk of MSDs using time-based video analysis (3-M10)
Authors: Choi J, Armstrong T
Presenter: Choi J

Development of a RSI risk evaluation tool for computer users (3-M11)
Authors: Douwes M, Blatter B, Taylor K
Presenter: Douwes M

Ergonomic work analysis and musculoskeletal disorders in cooks at the kitchen of a public hospital located in São Paulo Brazil (3-M12)
Authors: Glina DMR, Isosaki M, Salera L, Rocha LE
Presenter: Glina DMR

How fast does a computer monitoring program need to run to accurately capture keystroke durations? (3-M13)
Authors: Komandur S, Johnson P, Chang C-H, Dennerlein J
Presenter: Johnson P

Average and impulsive whole body vibration exposures in metropolitan bus drivers (3-M14)
Authors: Ploger J, Johnson P
Presenter: Johnson P

Parallax effects on estimating wrist posture: what are we really seeing? (3-M15)
Authors: Lau M, Armstrong T
Presenter: Lau M

Estimation of the acquisition time for obtaining the profile of muscular load using the APDF function (3-M16)
Authors: Varela P, Lourenco A, Fred A, Veloso A, Carnide F
Presenter: Lourenco A

Analyzing floor sitting work postures of women in informal industries (3-M17)
Authors: Nag A, Nag P, Vyas A
Presenter: Nag A

Observational ergonomic job analysis in light manufacturing (3-M18)
Authors: Nasarwanji M, Joseph C, Paquet V
Presenter: Nasarwanji M

Ergonomic evaluation of physical risks in Mexican workplaces (3-M19)
Authors: Prado-León L, Avila-Chaurand R, Aceves-González C
Presenter: Prado-León L

Late-Breaking Student Posters

Floor 1

A comparison of the oxygen cost in three standardized pulling tasks (1-M19)
Authors: Handrigan G, Power G, MacKinnon S, Basset F
Presenter: Handrigan G

Peak and cumulative low back loading in long erm care nurses (1-M20)
Authors: Holmes M, Hodder J, Keir P
Presenter: Holmes M

Providing ergonomic instructions enhances the biomechanical improvements of an alternative computer mouse design (1-M21)
Authors: Houwink A, Oude Hengel K, Odell D, Dennerlein J
Presenter: Houwink A

Large machinery and tractor-related musculoskeletal injuries on midwestern agricultural operations (1-M22)
Authors: Williams Q, Alexander B, Gerberich S, Renier C, Ryan A
Presenter: Williams Q

The effect of lift origin height on lumbar kinematics among masons (1-M23)
Authors: Meyers A, Fuller H, Fethke N, Herwig K, Anton D
Presenter: Meyers A

Do smaller external notebook mice have different effects on posture and muscle activity than desktop mice? (1-M24)
Authors: Oude Hengel K, Houwink A, Odell D, Dennerlein J
Presenter: Oude Hengel K

Floor 3

EMG muscle activity and subjective influences of an insole program in the manufacturing environment (3-M20)
Authors: DiSanto A, Leonovich M, Letourneau M, Riggs K
Presenter: DiSanto A

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Tuesday, 28 August, 14:45-16:00
TP1P Poster II

Healthcare, Floor 1

Application of participatory action oriented approach program (PAOAP) for preventing the musculoskeletal disorders in health care workers (1-T25)
Authors: Koo J-W, Jeong E, Jung HS, Kim SL, Lee J-E, Woo KH
Presenter: Koo J-W

Little effect of transfer technique instruction and physical fitness training on reducing low back pain among nurses - a cluster randomized intervention study (1-T26)
Authors: Warming S, Ebbehoej NE, Wiese N, Larsen L, Duckert J, Tonnesen H
Presenter: Warming S

A survey on musculoskeletal disorders in physiotherapists (1-T27)
Authors: Carta A, Parmigiani F, Borghesi S, Braga V, Galeri S, Porru S
Presenter: Carta A

Reducing musculoskeletal disorders among dentist operators: an ergonomic intervention approach to improve working conditions (1-T28)
Authors: Dehdashti A, Khavanin A, Mortazavi SB
Presenter: Dehdashti A

Extended work hours and musculoskeletal disorders among health care workers: a case-control study (1-T29)
Authors: Hiebert R, Gurnitz K, Landsbergis P, Dropkin J, Adamu M
Presenter: Hiebert R

Health status and working conditions among caregivers and nurses coworking in elderly-care facilities (1-T30)
Authors: Hiruta S, Shimaoka M, Tatsumi A, Ono Y, Imaeda T, Iida T, Hori F
Presenter: Hiruta S

American nurses association handle with care campaign (1-T31)
Authors: Hughes N
Presenter: Hughes N

Risk factors and prevalence of musculoskeletal disorder among nursing personnel in Taiwan: results of a questionnaire survey (1-T32)
Authors: Hung Y-J, Hou J-y, Shiao JS-C
Presenter: Hung Y-J

Prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms and job satisfaction among hospital food service workers (1-T33)
Authors: Isosaki M, Glina DMR, Ribeiro A, Pustiglione M, Rocha L
Presenter: Isosaki M

Low back pain among university medical doctors (1-T34)
Authors: Mehralizadeh S, Dehdashti A
Presenter: Mehralizadeh S

Physical and psychosocial risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders among hospital food service workers in São Paulo (1-T35)
Authors: Rocha LE, Tanus AJ, Glina DMR, Isosaki M, Ribeiro ACdCA
Presenter: Rocha L

Creating a ‘minimal manual lift environment’: quantitative and qualitative intermediate measures (1-T36)
Authors: Schoenfisch A, James T, Fricklas E, Yeung Y-L, Pentico M, Pompeii L, Myers D, Lipscomb H
Presenter: Schoenfisch A

Physical risk factors for work-related low back disorders in nurses and steel workers (1-T37)
Authors: Vieira E, Kumar S
Presenter: Vieira E

MSD Epidemiology, Floor 2

Quality of life: cultural adaptation of the Spitzer quality of life index (2-T21)
Authors: Toledo R, Alexandre N, Colombo R
Presenter: Alexandre N

Understanding the requirements of sign language interpreting: an examination of occupational health and job demand (2-T22)
Authors: Fischer S, Woodcock K
Presenter: Fischer S

Cigarette smoking and low back pain (2-T23)
Authors: Ghaffari M, Vingard E
Presenter: Ghaffari M

Obstacles to collecting data for an individual participant meta-analysis of workplace factors and low back pain (2-T24)
Authors: Griffith LE, Shannon HS, Walter SD, Cole DC, Hogg-Johnson S, Wells RP
Presenter: Griffith L

Musculoskeletal disorders in cleaning – 17 cleaners’ views on own musculoskeletal injury claims (2-T25)
Authors: Hägg G, Antonsson A-B, Schmidt L, Holmefalk C
Presenter: Hägg G

Musculoskeletal pain and stress in the Swiss working population: results from the fourth European working conditions survey (2-T26)
Authors: Graf M, Krieger R, Läubli T
Presenter: Läubli T

Target groups for prevention of neck/shoulder and low back disorders: an exploratory cluster analysis of working and living conditions (2-T27)
Authors: Leijon O, Härenstam A, Waldenström K, Alderling M, Vingård E
Presenter: Leijon O

Health and functioning of employees with musculoskeletal or mental stress disorders - analysis of subgroups based on ICD-10 and work ability (2-T28)
Authors: Norgren C, Ekberg K, Öberg B
Presenter: Norgren C

Mental distress and trait anxiety associate with low back pain among adolescents (2-T29)
Authors: Karppinen J, Pienimäki T, Remes J, Taimela S, Zitting P, Leino-Arjas P
Presenter: Pienimaki T

Gender differences and intervention to prevent work-related MSD (2-T30)
Authors: Caroly S, Schweitzer J-M
Presenter: Caroly S

Job strain and incidence of shoulder symptoms among service and manufacturing employees in Washington state (2-T31)
Authors: Smith C, Silverstein B, Fan J, Bao S, Johnson P
Presenter: Smith C

Family-work imbalance job demand and work related musculoskeletal symptoms of Korean female workers (2-T32)
Authors: Song J, Kim I, Kwon M
Presenter: Song J

Predictive factors for pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain after childbirth among working women (2-T33)
Authors: Stomp-van den Berg S, Van Poppel M, Hendriksen I, Bruinvels D, Van Mechelen W
Presenter: Stomp-van den Berg S

Individual factors associated with prevalence of low back pain (2-T34)
Authors: Garg A, Thiese M, Hegmann K, Moore S, Merryweather A, Kapellusch J, Vos G, Wood E, Holmes E, Deckow-Schaefer G, Drury D, Foster J, Bloswick D, Schuller M, Milholland S, Groth G
Presenter: Thiese M

Marital status and in-hospital incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome in the general population (2-T35)
Authors: Mattioli S, Baldasseroni A, Curti S, Bena A, de Giacomi G, dell'Omo M, Fateh-Moghadam P, Melani C, Campo G, Violante F
Presenter: Violante F

Health care utilization for patients identified with occupational neck pain (2-T36)
Authors: Côté P, Yang X
Presenter: Yang X

Age and gender predisposition to musculoskeletal disorders: a study of the two-way interaction (2-T38)
Authors: Collins J, O'Sullivan L
Presenter: O'Sullivan L

Work Organization and Psychosocial Risk Factors, Floor 2

Muscle fibre conduction velocity as measure of the effects of psychosocial risk factors on musculoskeletal disorders (2-T39)
Authors: Deeney C, O'Sullivan L, Ferrabone R
Presenter: O'Sullivan L

Evaluation of and preventive actions for the psychosocial factors in a public kindergarten and primary school (2-T40)
Authors: Arellano Fernández B, Aranguren A, Sanz E
Presenter: Arellano Fernández B

Gender differences in self-reported musculoskeletal pain stress health and satisfaction among blue-collar workers in Peru (2-T41)
Authors: Brunette M, Smith M
Presenter: Brunette M

Role of reward and control in stress-related musculoskeletal pain: combining two models of job stress (2-T42)
Authors: Lee M-S, Eum K-D, Paek D, Cho S-i
Presenter: Lee M-S

Gender differences in perceived general tension (2-T43)
Authors: Holte KA, Knardahl S, Lau B, Mikkelsen A, Rennesund Å
Presenter: Holte KA

Overtime work and subjective symptoms among white-collar workers (2-T44)
Authors: Nakata M
Presenter: Nakata M

Workplace bullying, post-traumatic stress disorder and neck/shoulder and arm pain among seafarers (2-T45)
Authors: Malinauskiene V, Jonutyte I
Presenter: Malinauskiene V

Associations between school bullying and back pain (2-T46)
Authors: Malinauskiene V
Presenter: Malinauskiene V

Disability and Policy Issues, Floor 3

Development of a Brazilian Portuguese version of the work rolefunctioning questionnaire. Cross-cultural adaptation reliability and validity (3-T21)
Authors: Gallasch C, Alexandre N, Amick III B
Presenter: Gallasch C

Determinants of long duration sickness absence after an occupational back injury in the Belgian working population (3-T22)
Authors: Mairiaux P, Mazina D
Presenter: Mairiaux P

The effects of musculoskeletal pain on work performance (3-T23)
Authors: Oztug O, Buckle P, Cowie H
Presenter: Oztug O

Cost estimation of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in developing countries (3-T24)
Authors: Piedrahita H
Presenter: Piedrahita H

Differences in illness perception and implementation of psychosocial work interventions between sick-listed and working chronic RSI patients (3-T25)
Authors: Sluiter JK, Frings-Dresen MH
Presenter: Sluiter JK

A portrait of Quebec appeal court judgments concerning the work-related factors invocated in carpal tunnel syndrome (3-T26)
Authors: Tcaciuc R, Lortie M, Patry L
Presenter: Tcaciuc R

Social networks influence pain in people leaving employment (3-T27)
Authors: Wynne-Jones G, Dunn K, Main C
Presenter: Wynne-Jones G

Exposures and Interventions, Floor 3

Children's postural habits while working at computer workstations (3-T28)
Authors: Murphy C, Stevenson J, Abdoli-E M
Presenter: Murphy C

Perception and decision to change the way to handle (3-T29)
Authors: Nastasia I, Lortie M
Presenter: Nastasia I

Ergonomic risks and musculoskeletal disorders a present health and safety problem in Romania (3-T30)
Authors: Petreanu V, Grigoriu I
Presenter: Petreanu V

European campaign on musculoskeletal disorders "lighten the load" (3-T31)
Authors: Podniece Z
Presenter: Podniece Z

Use of an interdisciplinary participatory research approach to decrease work-related musculoskeletal disorders among butchers and packers working in crab processing (3-T32)
Authors: Solberg S, Molgaard J, Vezina N
Presenter: Solberg S

Computer use is associated with habitual standing spinal posture of adolescents (3-T33)
Authors: Straker L, Perry M, Smith A, O'Sullivan P
Presenter: Straker L

Intervention Studies (3-T34)
Authors: Tudev E
Presenter: Tudev E

Application of participatory approach to small & medium sized enterprises for prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (3-T35)
Authors: Woo K, Yoon S, Kim J, Yu J, Choi T, Ha B, Jang Y, Jo S
Presenter: Woo K

Late-Breaking Student Posters

Floor 2

Gender differences of workers with musculoskeletal disorders reported to the state insurance fund during 2002-2004 in Puerto Rico (2-T37)
Authors: Figueroa-Sánchez I, Orta-Anés L, Nazario C, Rodriguez M
Presenter: Figueroa-Sánchez I

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Wednesday, 29 August, 14:45-16:00
WP1P Poster III

Disability & Return to Work, Floor 1

Effects of an intensive multimodal rehabilitation and work retraining program on psychosocial and postural characteristics of persons with whiplash-associated disorders (1-W39)
Authors: Cote J, Patenaude I, St-Onge N, Baltov P, Feldman D
Presenter: Cote J

Effect of occupational activities on symptoms and work ability in workers returning from long sick-leaves (1-W40)
Authors: Gil Coury H, Alem M, Souza J, Watanabe C, Yazbeck P
Presenter: Gil Coury H

Selection of functional capacity evaluation tests in patients with musculoskeletal complaints: a conceptual framework (1-W41)
Authors: Gouttebarge V, Wind H, Kuijer P, Sluiter J, Frings-Dresen M
Presenter: Gouttebarge V

Short-term stability of self-reported pain intensity and related disability in subjects suffering from low back pain (1-W42)
Authors: Gouttebarge V, Wind H, Kuijer P, Sluiter J, Frings-Dresen M
Presenter: Gouttebarge V

Ergonomic program for the rehabilitation at musculo-skeletal disorders RehaBau (1-W43)
Authors: Hartmann B, Hanse J, Hauck A, Trierweiler R, von Bodman J, Josenhans J
Presenter: Hartmann B

The immediate superiors experiences with job replacement as an intervention for return to work for employees on long term sick leave (1-W44)
Authors: Holte KA
Presenter: Holte KA

Cost-effectiveness of TNF inhibitors on work ability quality of life and fatigue in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (1-W45)
Authors: Hoving J, Bartelds G, Sluiter J, Groot I, Lems W, Wijbrandts C, Tak P, Nurmohamed M, Voskuyl A, Sadiraj K, Frings-Dresen M
Presenter: Hoving J

The Belgian guidelines for management of low back pain in occupational health (1-W46)
Authors: Mairiaux P, Mazina D
Presenter: Mairiaux P

Physiotherapy assessment of work capacity and return to work needs in people with chronic back pain increases time away from work and claim cost (1-W47)
Authors: Schonstein E, Zahara P, Kenny D, Maher C, Cameron I
Presenter: Schonstein E

An evaluation of quickdash in measuring disability among workers with upper extremity musculoskeletal symptoms (1-W51)
Authors: Fan ZJ, Smith C, Silverstein B
Presenter: Fan ZJ

MSD Epidemiology, Floor 1

Work related lateral epicondylitis: quantitative exposure-response relations with force and posture (1-W52)
Authors: Fan ZJ, Silverstein B, Viikari-Juntura E, Bao S, Bonauto D, Howard N, Spielholz P, Smith C
Presenter: Fan ZJ

A study on the dynamic pattern of upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders methodological aspects (1-W53)
Authors: Aublet-Cuvelier A, Leclerc A, Chastang J-F
Presenter: Aublet-Cuvelier A

Reliability of hand diagrams for epidemiologic case definition of carpal tunnel syndrome (1-W54)
Authors: Evanoff B, Dale AM, Strickland J, Taylor B, Symanzik J, Franzblau A
Presenter: Dale AM

Risk factors for upper extremity musculoskeletal symptoms in call center employees (1-W55)
Authors: d'Errico A, Caputo P, Falcone U, Fubini L, Gilardi L, Mamo C, Migliardi A, Quarta D
Presenter: d'Errico A

Do workers with symptoms have an elevated risk to develop upper extremity work related musculoskeletal disorders three years later? (1-W56)
Authors: Descatha A, Roquelaure Y, Evanoff B, Chastang JF, Leclerc A
Presenter: Descatha A

A cross-sectional study of the relation between symptoms and physical findings in computer operators (1-W57)
Authors: Jepsen J, Thomsen G
Presenter: Jepsen J

Physical work and chronic shoulder disorder. Results of a prospective population-based study (1-W58)
Authors: Miranda H, Heliovaara M, Viikari-Juntura E, Knekt P, Punnett L
Presenter: Miranda H

Limited motor performance of the arm in chronic epicondylitis has associations with upper extremity workload and leisure time strain (1-W59)
Authors: Pienimaki T, Kauranen K, Tarvainen T, Siira P, Vanharanta H
Presenter: Pienimaki T

Impact of hand or wrist pain on work function among workers performing hand intensive work (1-W60)
Authors: Abbah E, Garcia M, Harris C, Goldberg R, Krause N, Rempel D
Presenter: Rempel D

The prevalence of total shoulder pain among workers of metallurgical industry (1-W61)
Authors: Shirokov V, Shtol A, Leiderman H
Presenter: Shirokov V

Work-related rotator cuff and carpal tunnel syndromes: quantitative exposure-response relationships (1-W62)
Authors: Silverstein B, Fan ZJ, Bonauto D, Bao S, Howard N, Smith C, Viikari-Juntura E
Presenter: Silverstein B

Musculoskeletal disorders and hand arm vibration – a 10 year follow up (1-W63)
Authors: Wahlström J, Burström L, Hagberg M, Lundström R, Nilsson T
Presenter: Wahlström J

MSD Epidemiology, Floor 2

Upper limb work-related disorders: description of an Italian hospital-based case study (2-W47)
Authors: Borghesi S, Carta A, Lucchini R
Presenter: Borghesi S

Guide for risk assessment in repetitive handling tasks - substantiation of hypotheses and development of a practice-based approach (2-W48)
Authors: Caffier G, Steinberg U, Liebers F, Behrendt S
Presenter: Caffier G

A.O.R. Versus M.O.R.: an index to assess risks and establish limits of tolerance in repetitive and cyclic activities (2-W49)
Authors: Couto H, Comis P, Manoel B, Moraes F, Antonio R
Presenter: Couto H

Ergonomic screening questionnaire: its value as a proactive tool in the research of ergonomic risk (2-W50)
Authors: Couto H, Bregunci S, Nicolai G, Cardoso O
Presenter: Couto H

Non-specific LBP movement impairment syndromes classification (2-W51)
Authors: De Vito G, Meroni R, Lanzarini C, Barindelli G, Dell Morte GC, Valagussa G, Cerri C, Cesana GC
Presenter: De Vito G

Does the production of Lautrec's pink garlic (France) generate repetitive strain injuries? (2-W52)
Authors: Delanoe M, Catarina A, Renaudy C, Guibert C, Marty C
Presenter: Delanoe M

Musculoskeletal symptoms appears early in floor layers apprenticeship: results from a follow-up study 1999-2006 (2-W55)
Authors: Kirkeskov L
Presenter: Kirkeskov L

Individual and occupational risk factors for knee osteoarthritis - study protocol of a case control study (2-W54)
Authors: Klussmann A, Gebhardt H, Mueller B, Liebers F, Bouillon B, Rieger M
Presenter: Klussmann A

Prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms in office workers - results of a company-based cross sectional study in Germany (2-W53)
Authors: Klussmann A, Gebhardt H, Liebers F, Rieger M
Presenter: Klussmann A

Longitudinal survey in Sweden of whole-body vibration exposed workers (2-W56)
Authors: Lundström R, Nilsson T, Ekman A, Jonsson A, Hagberg M, Burström L
Presenter: Lundström R

Revision of occupational cervicobrachial disorder (OCD) in Japan (2-W57)
Authors: Ono Y, Taoda K, Nakaishi H, Kurumatani N, Udo H, Fukuchi Y, Nakata M, Mitsuhashi T, Funahashi A, Kitahara-Tsujimura T
Presenter: Ono Y

Prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome among experienced construction workers in the pipe trades (2-W58)
Authors: Rosecrance J, Anton D, Merlino L
Presenter: Rosecrance J

Sprain and strain musculoskeletal disorders among Colorado agriculture workers: an analysis of workers’ compensation claims data (2-W59)
Authors: Douphrate D, Rosecrance J
Presenter: Rosecrance J

Global estimate of arthritis attributable to work by occupations: an analysis of the world health survey 2002-2003 (2-W60)
Authors: Tak S, Punnett L, Sembajwe G, Cifuentes M, Gore R, Kriebel D
Presenter: Tak S

Feasibility of an instrument for assessment of physical work ability of persons with long-term musculoskeletal disorders (2-W61)
Authors: Wind H, Gouttebarge V, Kuijer P, Sluiter J, Frings-Dresen M
Presenter: Wind H

A validation study of self-report symptoms surveys compared with clinical classification systems (2-W62)
Authors: Chaumont Menendez C, Amick B, Harrist R, Caroom C, Robertson M, Jenkins M, Gerr F, Moore JS, Katz J
Presenter: Chaumont Menendez C

The influence of work-related exposures on the prognosis of neck/shoulder pain (2-W67)
Authors: Grooten W, Mulder M, Josephson M, Alfredsson L, Wiktorin C
Presenter: Grooten W

Relationship between work capacity and hand grip force in employees of administrative sectors (2-W64)
Authors: Padula R, Lugli F, Martins S, Sato T
Presenter: Padula R

Interventions, Floor 2

The importance of including visual symptoms in computing-related upper extremity musculoskeletal symptoms interventions and research (2-W63)
Authors: Chaumont Menendez C, Amick B, Harrist R, Robertson M, DeRango K, Moore A, Bazzani L
Presenter: Chaumont Menendez C

The effect of ergonomic intervention on neck/shoulder and low back pain (2-W66)
Authors: Grooten W, Mulder M, Wiktorin C
Presenter: Grooten W

Effects of an exercise program for workers with chronic lumbar pain (2-W65)
Authors: Padula R, Toledo M, Fagundes R
Presenter: Padula R

A field intervention replication of a non-randomized trial to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms (2-W68)
Authors: Amick B, Robertson M, Chaumont Menéndez C, Harrist R, DeRango K, Moore A, Bazzani L
Presenter: Amick B

A participatory ergonomics approach to knowledge transfer in an industrial setting: case study of a poultry processing plant (2-W69)
Authors: Antle D, Mackinnon S, Molgaard J, Parent R, Desmarais L, Leclerc L, Vezina N, Bornstein S
Presenter: Antle D

Effects of a media campaign on back pain beliefs amongst employers and employees in England and Wales (2-W70)
Authors: Buckley P, Rose I
Presenter: Buckley P

Implementing an interdisciplinary intervention strategy for employees with back-/neck pain (2-W71)
Authors: Canjuga M, Danuser B, Norberg M, Läubli T, Klipstein A, Jeanrenaud C
Presenter: Canjuga M

Assessment of the interventions on sustainable prevention of musculoskeletal disorders: comparison of twenty companies (2-W72)
Authors: Caroly S, Coutarel F, Daniellou F, Landry A
Presenter: Caroly S

Prevention of the back pain at the workplace (2-W73)
Authors: Gilbertová S, Pavlu D
Presenter: Gilbertová S

Biofeedback and workplace intervention in cases suffering from neck or shoulder pain working at computers (2-W74)
Authors: Aerni T, Tomatis L, Huwiler H, Schenk P, Läubli T, Klipstein A
Presenter: Tomatis L

Exposure Assessment, Floor 3

Identification of tasks with musculoskeletal disorder risk in Korean wholesale/retail establishments (3-W37)
Authors: Kim H, Park J, Kim K, Kang S, Cho S, Kim J, Cho M, Kim W
Presenter: Kim Hh

Accuracy of self-reported computer use duration between subject groups (3-W38)
Authors: Richter J, Slijper H, Over E, Frens M
Presenter: Richter J

Bulls eye: biomechanical and EMG analysis expose techniques that reduce risk and improve performance (3-W39)
Authors: Stone R
Presenter: Stone R

Work involving varied tasks: an ergonomic analysis process for work related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) prevention (3-W40)
Authors: St-Vincent M, Chicoine D, Tellier C
Presenter: St-Vincent M

Evaluating the efficiency of exposure assessment methods: cost feasibility and overcoming challenges in the field (3-W41)
Authors: Trask C, Koehoorn M, Village J, Johnson P, Chow Y, Teschke K
Presenter: Trask C

Prospective study of risk factors for low back disorders due to manual lifting: exposure assessment methods (3-W42)
Authors: Waters T, Piacitelli L, Lu M-L, Werren D
Presenter: Waters T

Late-Breaking Student Posters

Floor 1

An investigation of the framing effect of prospect theory on the decision-making process of injured workers about returning to work (1-W48)
Authors: Lai HS, Chan C
Presenter: Lai HS

When to return to work after carpal tunnel surgery? A systematic review of randomized clinical trials (1-W49)
Authors: Sanati K, Ghafghazi S, Sadr A
Presenter: Sanati K

A predictive model for work disability among aircraft cabin cleaners: A retrospective analysis of occupational injuries (1-W50)
Authors: So C-L B, Hung L, Lui P, Chan K
Presenter: So C-L B

Floor 3

The influence of target size and weight on the trunk muscle recruitment in different lifting speeds (3-W36)
Authors: Yoon J
Presenter: Yoon J

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