Information for Presenters

Presentation Guidelines


The poster should be printed so that it can be laid out within a space of no more than 3.5 feet by 3.5 feet (107 cm x 107 cm). All posters will be displayed for the entire duration of the conference. Each poster presenter will be expected to stand by his/her poster at a designated time to answer questions and discuss it informally while participants circulate throughout the poster display areas.

Please mount all posters by 11:00 on 27 August, 2007. We would prefer posters to remain up for the duration of the conference. If you would like to keep your poster, please collect it by 12:00 on 30 August, 2007.

Podium and Symposium Presentations (Oral):

Presentation Time:

Each abstract has a total of 15 minutes including introduction by the chair, presentation, and questions and answers. The spirit of PREMUS is to promote discussion of the abstracts; therefore we request that the presentation should not be longer than 9 minutes. Hence, there will be 5 minutes for discussion via questions and answers and 1 minute for introducing and changing between speakers. Please review your presentation to make sure that it does not exceed this timetable. Please note: In order to keep to the time of the parallel sessions, your presentation will be stopped if you go past the time stated.

Presentation Format:

Presentation Order (for podium presentations)

The presentation order of abstracts within each session has been posted on the Conference Program page.

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