Conference Program

Lunchtime Roundtable Discussions
(open to all who would like to attend)

Tuesday, 28 August, 12:00–13:00, HIM Lecture Room
Corporate social responsibility and occupational health:
a roundtable session

Corporate (social) responsibility can be defined various ways.

Broadly speaking, corporate social responsibility includes the ways in which firms manage their core business practices to add social, environmental and economic value and a positive, sustainable impact for its employees, the business itself and society.

We will discuss BEST practices from (and with) companies regarding corporate social responsibility. We will also discuss the effectiveness of these activities for the improvement of the health and well-being of employees.

Moderators: Dr. Kathleen Rest, Executive Director of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Cambridge MA USA, and Dr. Maria Julia Brunette, Assistant Professor, Department of Work Environment, Univ. of Mass. Lowell

Facilitators: Dr. Monique Frings-Dresen (Full Professor in Occupational Health) and Dr Judith Sluiter (Associate Professor in Occupational Health), both of the Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Wednesday, 29 August, 12:00–13:00, HIM Lecture Room
A conversation with injured worker advocates and research scientists

Prevention of work-related MSDs is the unifying goal of the research presented at PREMUS 2007. The aim of this roundtable is to engage injured workers and their advocates in a discussion with scientists about state-of-the-art intervention strategies, research priorities and steps for the future.